TCBJ Testimonials

The leadership of the Twin Cities Black Journalists and its members are extremely dedicated. They run a well-oiled machine on few resources and fewer members than some other large market chapters. Whether it was hosting the NABJ convention in 2015, sponsoring community forums to discuss local police shootings that made national headlines or coordinating a major media networking event for the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis, TCBJ shows that strength is not in numbers, but in drive, passion and zeal. The group is a family, and that’s an important trait for a professional networking organization. – Sheree Curry

With few resources, TCBJ is a prominent champion for black journalists in a place known for having some of the highest racial disparities in the country. TCBJ has maintained their seat at the table in the discussion regarding the impact and importance of racial narratives in media. TCBJ consistently prioritizes the importance of cultivating Young Media professionals through scholarships, internships and mentorship. Every year, TCBJ sends a students to the National NABJ Convention. In addition, TCBJ maintains service to their community by buying toys for disadvantaged children. TCBJ absolute deserves to be  recognized as Local Chapter of the Year and. It is a privilege to be a member of such an extraordinary organization. -Meghann Oglesby

The Twin Cities Black Journalists (TCBJ) is a highly respected chapter that significantly impacts the region: from town hall forums broadcast on statewide public radio tackling challenging issues such as police shootings and including law enforcement officials;  forums on race and sports featuring legendary professional athletes; the annual major scholarship fundraiser “Funk Jam” – considered a Twin Cities institution that enables sponsoring student attendance at NABJ convention, and students’ journalism endeavors. TCBJ also mentors high school students in the intensive summer ThreeSixty Journalism program (formerly known as the Urban Journalism Workshop) and sponsors an annual holiday toy drive for hundreds of families who utilize the support services of the Minneapolis-based Phyllis Wheatley Community Center. – Marsha Pitts-Phillips

Twin Cities Black Journalists epitomizes the maxim that it doesn’t take a large group to make a difference. With a core group of committed journalists, we have advanced the cause of black journalists and the black community. Even before we hosted the 2015 National Convention, we had sponsored community events, training for our members and fundraisers to send numerous students to the national convention. It’s Minneapolis, so it’s more imperative that we raise issues and support the students. Most of all we hang tight and have each others’ backs. – Maria Reeve

TCBJ makes a solid impact on its community. We give scholarships to college students. We send students to NABJ each year so they can network and win career building internships. We buy toys for 200 disadvantaged kids in Minneapolis every year. And we have even created and partially funded a TCBJ internship for a deserving student who spent the summer writing articles for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.  I am beyond proud to belong to this dynamic organization that does so much for so many.  It truly deserves to be recognized as NABJ’s local chapter of the year. – Dee DePass

To be black in America comes with the burden of having to prove that you belong in a world that wouldn’t exist without your existence. Attending a predominately white institution has made me feel this way. It has made me question do I belong here? Am I smart enough to be here? I needed answers and more importantly, I needed to feel the presence of my brothers and sisters.  Attending the NABJ conference last year gave me just that. I have never been around so many talented, driven, and loving black people. This energy inspired me and taught me that it is possible to achieve more. Attending the conference has showed me that I belong and I am I fit for a career in journalism. I was made to change lives and with journalism I will do so. Thank you TCBJ for helping to strengthen my love for my people and for my passion. – Dijon McCain

My name is Ubah Ali, I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship from Twin Cities Black Journalists to attend the NABJ conference in Detroit. If it was not for the scholarship, they gave I do not believe I would have attended. At the conference, I was able to learn valuable lessons about being a journalist. Connect with peers and take full advantage of the career fair. At the career fair, I was able go through interviews and develop relationships with news directors across the United States. I am very thankful for TCBJ’s involvement in helping me get to the conference. I am glad to say through their contributions, I am now a Multimedia Journalist, in Rochester, MN. – Ubah Ali

When I first agreed to take a reporting job in Minnesota, I was scared. I didn’t think there would be anyone around that looked like me especially in Twin Cities media. TCBJ has served as a life line for me in an unfamiliar and homogenous setting. Despite our relatively small size, TCBJ continues to make an impact on the community. Last year, our highlight was when we organized a well-attended panel on race and sports that including journalists and pro athletes and hosted a Super Bowl gathering for sports journalists that included a $3,000 scholarship to a local student. – Nicole Norfleet