We Have Your Tax Receipts from the Back-to-School Drive

TCBJ Back-to-School Drive.

Melissa Walker with donations for the Back-to-School drive.

Thanks to all who have participated so far in our 2014 Back to School Drive. This year, we have tax receipts for you from our partner, Hennepin County. (Why? Because the county ultimately receives your complete backpacks from TCBJ and gives them to the kids. Yeah!)

Contact Dee DePass for your receipt options and to select the one that is right for you (re: did you make a money or a supply donation?).

Thanks again for your help with this year’s drive.

Help spread the word.

The drive ends next week on Friday, August 8, and we still need supplies.

The county comes the week of Aug. 11 to pick up the backpacks. We hope to outfit 150 kids this year.

Again, thanks for all you do.

Dee DePass & Melissa Walker on behalf of TCBJ